6 or 7 dpo ladies where you at?

I didnt get an exact positive opk but got a dark line 7 days ago that lasted until the next day and then got gradually lighter so i think i ovulated on the evening of 7 days ago and just missed the timing for test, hubby and I bd 5 times in my window including that night so now i just wait with fingers crossed. We are ttc baby 3 but baby #1 was MC @11 weeks and baby #2 was 8 weeks ectopic so we are praying we will get to keep our next baby and are hopeful and extra nervous this time around. I started this month off feeling unusually positive that this was going to be the month but i ovulated later than normal and waiting for that opk kind of took the wind out of my sails. AF is due 8-24 but i usually fluxtuate and will expect it anytime that week, it is also the week that my 1st baby was due, her orignial due date was 8-16 and then was moved to 8-28 and so shes weighing especially heavy on my heart and mind this month and I am nervous about getting another negative test at the same time that i should be giving birth SO... i was looking for some ladies that are with me on this tww to chat and keep my mind busy! I dont think i feel anything yet aside from being extra emotional which is not like me but not crazy given the circumstance. Where are you ladies at? Whats your ttc story? What are you feeling? Both physically and emotionally? Cant wait to meet you ladies wishing us all luck this month!!