Second thoughts on due date.?!

Shelbi • PCOS SUFFERER! Conceived naturally with first son now 5, pregnant with second baby boy ❤️😝
I suffer from Pcos, so my periods are really irregular. May 2nd I had a period which lasted right through until the end of June.. About 4 weeks ago I had really bad water infection with a tad of spotting. ( the exact same with my first baby). I can't work out my dates properly. And still waiting for a call from midwife.. I didn't find out until last Thursday. Hpt started out faint and gradually got darker. Digital test I took this morning said 2-3 which makes me 4-5 weeks pregnant. Im so bloated that it's really uncomfortable. And minds going into over drive as to how far gone I actually am, any of you ladies have more of a brain to help my find out my actually week of pregnancy would be a great help🙂😀