Baby shower for my Jalissa (Jelly-Bean)

Marissa • 9-29-16👑🎀 Jalissa Marie
Omgosh! I got everything i need until she turns 1 year. I have a crib down to the wipes. I have so much. I wish my family knew how much it meant to me! I love my family. Not everyone showed but the ones that did made me feel extremely special and loved. I felt like it was a dream come true not one thing left out. I couldnt be happier. Oh my daughter has more clothes than me. Lol. Shes so spoiled. Just 38 more days until i meet her. Im getting there. I didn't get any pictures of my baby shower but other people did. My niece who is 15 won the pin not say baby. She got me about 3 times lol. Couldnt help not say baby. Every little thing it was like baby this baby that. But my family has and always been an extreme help. I love them all!