What Am I Doing Wrong

Me and childhood friend guy met at this summer and we talked about the memories we shared with one another over the years. So this pass summer are connection has gotten stronger that to the point we had sex and spend the night with each other. The thing is my childhood friend got out a three to four year relationship back in April. Today, I ask him what are we he kind of said that " we are just chilling" I told him to explain because I was low key getting frustrated and confused. He told me that the relationship that he was previously in was gave him so much hell that he is kind of scared that I would do the same thing. I thought to myself that I'm different from that  girl that was in his life and I can make it better for him. Also I'm realized that he was just making up a lame excuse.I do not know what to do. I think that I should just be patient and just wait til he is ready.