holiday abroad with a 10 month old baby!!

Rebecca • 27, TTC my second baby. I love my husband for giving me baby #1 who is the most amazing gift in the world!!
Ok sorry if I am not posting in the correct place, I am taking my little boy abroad to the Canary Islands in December he will be 10 months (I'm from the UK) I am going all inclusive so I don't have access to kitchen facilities to make up formula bottles, I'm taking steriliser bags and Milton tabs to sterilise the bottles, I was going to take lots of the ready made cartons but I don't have anywhere to store them like in a fridge? I know when you buy them in the supermarket they are on the shelf and not in the fridge, so has anybody been abroad and had this problem? Do they need to be stored in fridge even when not opened and still sealed? Once one bottle is opened I would be using it straight away, they are 200ml