dad references last night about my fwb/ rant

So last night i was at my fwb frat house... Me & my friend are always there because we are really close with the guys like we are treated like princesses of the house. Basically my fwb has a blackout drunk alter ego.. It was so bad his alter ego was fucked up he was walking naked dancing on the stripper pole & bashing his head against the wall.. We were all laughing at him & his roommate made the comment "go get your man" & later was talking to me fwb sister & was like "(my fwb name) is going to be a dad one day like fuck" & in my mind im like maybe sooner than you think 😳 & his brothers were telling me how they feel so weird like he has a whole nother family here where we live & again in my mind im like bitch he might 😳🙄... Basically im just waiting for my period to come next week