is it right to have kids or not

I found out I was a carrier for a disorder called haemophilia. My brother has the disorder (mainly boys get the disorder; girls can only be carriers) and he went through a whole lot of needles, doctor visits, nights at the hospital, operations and joint bleedings in his life, but no he only has to go through one needle every second day to make sure he dosent get a bleeding. He also isnt allowed to do heavy sports like soccer or rugby cos of the easily bruising. He seems like a happy kid but I dont know if all the things he misses out on in life is a big thing for him ..ANYWAYS there is currently APPARENTLY a thing where the mum and dads egg and sperm can be extracted and the ones without the disorder are chosen and put inside the mum again. But it costs up to 10,000 dollars per try and theres not a huge chance of success so it might take a few trys to actually conceive which is onviously not something i can afford). So basically I dont know of its right to take my chances and conceive the natural way knowing that its going to have this disorder (if its a boy) because the kid might have the worst childhood because of my decision to not take part in the new technology which is overwhelmingly expensive and unnatural. I would appreciate some realistic  opinions please thank you