I found out at the doctors. I just had my daughter in February and I was son the mini pill but I bled every week which wasn't supposed to happen and I still ovulated too. I got off of it and was told to wait until I had 2 full cycles. I went back in July to get the birth control and it was negative and they gave it to me. She said take it when your period comes which was scheduled next week. Next week came and it didn't show up so I waited a few days nothing.a week has passed and I was spike let me take a test and I went to the clinic and sure enough I was pregnant. I was so confused since it was negative just 2 weeks previously. Turns out I was pregnant but they did a urine test instead of a blood test. Now I have to figure out how to tell my mom side of the family who don't like my husband and will have a huge issue with me having another one. I'm 21 BTW. The only people who know is my siblings and my dad and step mom, close friends. Im so stressed because she is going to give me an ear full instead of just being happy for me. My mom and I never seen eye to eye because I didn't marry the guy she picked for me or someone with lost of money