Ugh husband's and the worsr timing ever


My husband has been having medic issuse for years no matter how much i tried to get him to go to the urgent care or the er he just got combative about it. He finally goes to urgent care tonight at 4pm gets sent to the er and is still there. I have no car seat for my toddler is i go into active labor no ride and no phone to call anyone anyway. Not that anyone i could call would answer or call back promptly! He has the truck which even if he didn't i can't reach the pedals to drive! I have a wic appt tomorrow i have been having in consistent contractions! Im due the 28th but my obgyn thinks ill go into labor before then and he has left me mother fucking stranded. He has had two years to handle this w.o having to go to the shit show that is the VA and he picks now of all time to finally give a shit! I know I should be worried and sympathetic but he has left me stranded we live out in the country! And if i end up having call and ambulance im not sure how to get them to take me to the right hospital and i have no clue what i am going to do with my son or how to get a hold of the family to watch him. Im so fucking pissed and worried and pissed why couldn't he take care of this before now why did he have to pick the worst possivle fucking time to address this!

Update: he is back might be going to L&D he is okay hopefully they have solved the problem waiting for the anitbiotics to do thier thing