Could this be it?

It possible that my partner doesn't try to initiate sex because I stopped giving him head? At first I had stopped because I was really sick during the first three months of my pregnancy. I'm now 28 weeks and e everything is fine but he doenst initiate sex at all. I'm getting really fustrated, almost feel unattractive but then I realize that even though I initiate sex, I don't give him head at all. It's probably been about a month id say. It's getting to the point where I'm always thinking if he's cheating, will he find someone else, am I not attractive? He truly shows me that he cares about me so these are all things that get in my head constantly and it's messing with my mood. I don't show any affection towards him. WHY DOES HE NOT INITAITE SEX? I'm 20 years old and he's 34.