Please help!

Hi. I need some encouragement today. According to the 1st day of my last period (August 16) I should be 5 weeks today. However my fertile days and the days I had sex from August 26 - 30th would make me maybe 3 weeks. I bled this morning (pic) and that's it, however I when to the ER unfortunately they did not see anything through US and vaginal US. The Dr. also told me my Hcg was only 103 which is low. Dr told me that if it is a MC I should test negative in a pregnancy test by next week, however if it's still positive Dr. said I should have my blood tested again, He said as long as I don't have pain or more bleeding Its safe to wait until my appointment on October the 11th with my OBGYN. I am trying to stay positive but I want to know if maybe I should prepare for my 2nd MC? Anyone that has gone through or is going through this? 😭😭😭😭