Justice for all my foot

$J@ymillz$ • Living my life like it`s Golden, staying blessed, and doing Jehovah`s will
Another innocent man was killed at the hands of the police, yes he was black I'm beyond pissed, his hands was raised, he was unarmed, please explain how was it justified that the woman cop shot him in cold blood, when is this going to stop, I have two sons myself pregnant with my third child, I'm in fear of my loved ones lives everyday, its not fair, I'm just at a loss for words right now, BLACK LIVES MATTER, no I dont think its just black lives that matter its just other races need to understanding we're people too, we have rights too, we are endangered, that's why we say black lives matter, I just pray that his family can stay strong at a time like this, its an outrage, it's sad and beyond unfair