We had our baby via C section Sunday night and are getting discharged tomorrow. Everything wore off today so I feel like shit! We're staying at my mom's for the first month so we can get extra help... My husband's side of the family wants to visit on Saturday, his extended side of the family is huge (if everyone came it would be 10 in all), and I have a feeling if his uncle comes, his dad will want to be over too along with my mother in law and his two aunties (my in laws have seen their grandchild already but not his aunts) They don't live in the same city as us and it's over an drive for them to come so I would feel bad saying no but at the same time all these people over sounds so overwhelming! I'm not as worried about his older nephew and nieces who are in high school and out of college but his two nieces who are 5 and just recently started school as well (meaning not knowing what they could have picked up from school.) Am I wrong to feel this way?