Eughhh i just really need to get some stuff off my chest. Last night was the most emotional, stressful, hectic night of my life! My ex partner (we still live together) had been fighting all day, he's emotionally abusive and a very aggressive person so i decided to go to a friends house and spend the day away from him. I didn't tell him where i was going and he was furious accusing me of 'jumping on all the cock' in the area and i just kind of ifnored him. He eventually calmed down so i came home to find him gone. I was a tad relieved thinking he had stayed the night elsewhere - he hadn't. When he came home about half an hour later i was in bed trying to get some sleep. He came storming in abusing me, pulled all the blankets and sheets and pillows off the bed, punched our mirror and broke it, etc. I calmly asked him what was going on and tried to get him to relax. It didn't work. We were in the dark so i couldn't see what he was doing until he opened the door to leave and i saw he had the chord for the xbox in his hand. I followed him out the front door, when he saw me he jumped our front fence and bolted to the park next door. Freaking out i ran inside and got my dad (also lives with us) and we searched for him but it was so dark we couldn't see anything. I won't go into details but eventually i found him and was able to save him. I didn't know what to do, my dad tried to calm him down as i called one of the suicide prevention lines who told me to call an ambulance because he was unstable and at risk of trying again. The ambulance turned up, and he denied everything. Smiling and laughing. Told them i was a chronic liar and there was no proof. Thankfully they took him to the hospital regardless and he was assessed by a professional to whom he also lied and denied anything happening. My brother was in the room with him and heard A NURSE tell my ex to 'deny everything' or he'd be put in a 'crazy cell' and never come out..... this is a medical fucking health professional telling a mentally ill 24 year old man (who mind you has been suffering from depression and severe anger issues since the age of 17 and had previously attempted suicide before) that he dowsn't need help and to just deny everything!!!! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME! Eventually the dr decided there was nothing he could do if my ex wasn't willing to talk about what happened and sent him home.. despite the fact that whilst he was in hospital he had sent me messages saying he was going to attempt it again and to look out for him in the park this morning. Despite the fact i showed the dr those messages. They let him go. I took him home and you know what happened? He ook off in his fucking car and no one has heard from him or knows where he is. I know this is long as fuck post but i really wanted to get the anger i have towards this nurse off my chest. Like what type of a fucking nurse even refers to a mental health ward as 'crazy cells'. That's some. Bullshit.