Ever get the urge to get creative and make homemade anything?!

Lupita • married an anime junkie like me. Love to watch 90`s sitcoms, and draw, paint, cosplay. my fav 50"s sitcom is i love lucy. my fav disney princess is jasmine. looking to make newfriends.
I made my husband a pickachu bag from felt material. It took me awhile to make because I sowed it by hand. Let me know what you guys think?! Plz no rude comments. Plz rate 1 - 10. I originally made it for him to use as a lunch bag for work but he said it would get dirty to easily and he didn't want to ruin it. So he's going to use it as a Halloween treat bag. For those of you that saw my previous post about making Halloween treat bags I'm going to make one for my husband and my daughter this yr. I already made him the bag, now I gotta figure out what to put in it. Nothing to fancy or expensive because it's just a little treat bag. Still have to make one for my daughter. Any suggestions?! He's i to anime, magic, and loves sweets. He fixes computers as a hobby. He's my litter Tech-E. I just want him to be surprised.

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