I'm 13 and think I'm pregnant

So, a few weeks ago, my boyfriend wanted me to come to his football game so I agreed. He was so excited since he's the QB and wanted to take tons of pictures with me. I watched the game and his team won. I called my mom to come pick me up but she said she was running late and told me to ask my boyfriends mom if I could stay over at their house until she gets back from work. I went to their house and if was around the time of 9:30 and I called her again. This time she said she had gotten stuck in traffic and couldn't make it home in time to come pick me up. I was devastated because I don't like staying places without my mom with me. I love my mom and literally cried when she told me this. She told me to ask my boyfriends mom (her close friend) if I could stay over. She said yeah being the nice person she is. She told me that I could stay in the spare bedroom upstairs and I could ask my boyfriend for some clothes. I went upstairs and asked him for some clothes and changed. It was already around 11:00 and I couldn't sleep. There is a bathroom that connects my boyfriends room and the spare bedroom and I had to go pee so I got up. My boyfriends light was on, so after I got done peeing, I went to his room and asked him what he was doing. He was scrolling though Instagram so I asked if he wanted to watch a movie. We got out the movie "Pitch Perfect 2" and started watching that. We didn't pay any attention to the movie because we kept kissing and making out. After about 5-10 of making out we had sex UNPROTECTED and he didn't pull out either. We got done after about 20 minutes and I went to my room across the bathroom feeling super guilty. I went home the next day and a few days later we had sex again, UNPROTECTED and he came inside me. About 2-3 weeks ago I started getting really bad morning sickness and went to CVS and stole a pregnancy test because I didn't have any money. I got two just in case and they both had two red lines. It says I'm pregnant and in freaking out because my parents are so strict and will kill me if they ever find out. What should I do if they kick me out? Help please.