junior in hs.

I understand sex is normal but my mom is in an emotionally abusive relationship and she's been emotionally abusing my sister and I lately all she does is work and drink and have sex w her husband. It's 11:20 ish and I'm tired it's a school night but I can't sleep again. I tell her all the time I feel depressed and I have bad trouble sleeping but she doesn't care. She's in the room having sex w her husband rn. I wouldn't be upset if they were considerate and stuff. I have straight A's and I'm v stressed with other stuff going on. I don't know what to do or anything but I seriously am feeling so much very done with it. Some nights after she knows I've finally fallen asleep she will barge in and yell at me asking why I'm asleep. I just wish I could talk to her. I'm just feeling so done and tired.