Just Wow

I went to the doctor 6 months ago to check my fertility levels and just do a physical to find out exactly where I was at in the whole baby making scheme of things. The news I received was rather upsetting. To hear I was on the low sprectrum of fertility and that trying to conceive would most likely be a challenge for me broke my heart. I've had a few very close friends be in the same boat as me and went YEARS through all kinds of stuff to just be unsuccessful. Being on that journey with them was extremely heartbreaking and all I could think was that was my future as well. I began right away with all the doctor's suggestions and researched all natural ways to boost my fertility. We began trying and went about it in a semi-casual way as to not put added pressure to this. 
Fast forward 3 months and we are getting ready for a trip to Germany. It's the morning of the day we are leaving and I'm running around crazy trying to pack all the last minute things. My <a href="https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.glow.android">glow app</a> reminds me I'm supposed to start my period while on this trip so I go to the store and pick up a box of tampins and see the pregnancy tests. I decide to snag one and take a test when I got home. At first only the one line was visible and naturally I got a little bummed but went back to packing. As I gathered the trash a few hours later I noticed a very faint second line. My heart jumped! I opened up the second test and took it. This time the second line was even harder to see. So I decided to pack a third test and take it once we got to Germany. After a long day of traveling we made it to Munich. The next morning we were headed to Oktoberfest. I got up, took the test, and BAM second line!!! I showed my boyfriend and we both couldn't believe it!! He thanked his "super sperm" haha I was really emotional because after what the doctors said and what I set myself up for. We are so incredibly excited and blessed to be pregnant. 
And the following day my boyfriend proposed to me at a castle!!! He'd been planning since August and was so worried with the newest news he wasn't going to be able to pull it off but he did!!