Again . No bashing because I'm not trying to have issues on this app . Yes this is my problem but I just need some advice. So I just had my first son 3 weeks ago vaginally. I had 4 dissolvable stitches because my dr didn't want to me to tear in 2 places so he made one for the baby . Well a week after I had recovered and felt fine and my bleeding had stopped, I had intercourse. I did get looked at to see if my stitches had dissolved and at this point there was nothing there. I do realize that one I am still fertile and that it causes infection trying so early. He didnt ejaculate inside the first time, but last night he did . Since I'm 3 weeks and still fertile, if I took a pregnancy test would it come up positive ? Or how would I really tell for accuracy if I am pregnant again ? I'm having like all these different thoughts because well I just had my first child 3 weeks ago ... and to already be pregnant again is an issue but a blessing . Yes I made a mistake by doing it so early knowing I should wait 6 weeks, but I didn't . So any answers ?