I need opinions!

So I got diagnosed with PUPPPs three days ago and since then my dr has tried all sorts of suggestions including a prescription for steroids which I was on the fence about taking. My due date is in 8 days, I can no longer take it I can't sleep and it's very very painful the rash is spreading all over the place! So I called the dr and told them I want to be induced, he said go to labor and delivery and they will put me on intervene steriods!!! 😡 this is upsetting with only 8 days to go I do not want my body pumped full of drugs! My question is when I get to labor and delivery do I refuse the drugs and ask to be induced??? What if they insist on the drugs I don't want? I know inducing is not the best option but it's what I as a mother believe I need to do.... any advice?