Experiences with PID?

So for a little disclaimer: I have an IUD check Friday so I'll address my concerns with my doctor then, I'm just looking for other people's opinions in the meantime.
I had an IUD put in in August (tomorrow will be 6 weeks exactly). Since then I've been having some trouble deciding what is normal symptoms and what is a sign of an issue. I've had some really bad cramps (like bad enough that I start breaking into cold sweats when waves of them hit). This isn't super unusual for me though; I've been on hormonal BC since I was 15 to help with cramps. I've also had brownish discharge which has had a pretty strong odor since then (though again, I wasn't sure if the odor was a sign of a problem or just due to the fact that ive been lightly bleeding for six weeks straight).
I turned to the internet a few weeks ago and my searches showed mixed results. Some said they were normal side effects, some mentioned that some women get PID after IUD insertions and the symptoms matched.
I didn't think much more of this until I had a UTI about a week and a half ago. I was prescribed antibiotics and the symptoms cleared up. No more debilitating cramps, no more odor, and the discharge was much lighter. Since ending the antibiotics, the symptoms have come back (note: the antibiotics I was prescribed would not be used to treat PID or BV).
Now I'm wondering since the antibiotics kept the symptoms at bay, was that just a coincidence or a hint that something is actually wrong?
Sorry for the lengthy post, but any thoughts about this would be appreciated 😊