so hurt by family 😰😢😢😢

Was waiting to let my 2nd baby news to family and currently going through a separation right now with my spouse because of too many issues. (I want to have a healthy pregnancy so I made him leave the house) and all in all at the money I started school in August to finish my AA and the only person I trust to come watch my baby for and hour and a half just 2 days out of he week.. Just to try to get back out there and do something with myself since I'm tried of being a stay at home mom. I pretty much have no family support and for the past 2 weeks I've been getting to class late and I tell her how important it is for me to get there on time and I got into an argument with her and she basically says I'll get to your house when I feel like it. And I'm just like you don't care and me being so emotional I start yelling at her to stop being like that. I was so frustrated I had already gotten my son dressed and I was so desperate to get to class I was ready to take him with me and I was walking out and I told her to just go back home and of course she plays the "poor me" card and starts saying oh your kicking me out? Watch I'll never forgive you for this and I tell her well if you don't care about me getting to class on time then I don't care about you coming anymore. And she had the nerve to say she was gonna slap me for being "disrespectful" and never come to my house again and I said oh ok before you go ahead and do that never come back take a look at this shit. And I threw her my ultrasound.. And she said oh you're pregnant at that? Well don't count on me because I won't help you.. I was crying on the drive to class I was crying when I walked in there (Late) may I add and writing an assignment in there I was trying so hard to keep the tears in. Once I finished the paper and turned it in I had to excuse myself to he restroom because I just couldn't hold it in anymore. And I had to just get it out and I met such a sweet girl that helped calm me down.. And I went back into the class and had to do a group assignment. I really tried to calm down and I even took a quick grocery store trip to just avoid this lady before she left. And no it wasn't over she of course had to send me a text once again trying to put me down and I said I didn't want to see her that I didn't want to hear her negativity. And of course she tries to throw more salt on the wound and she says perfect you won't see me for a while. Like you're my mom how can you hurt me like this. All in all guys ( fellow mommies) I'm just so hurt by this and I've been crying all day how does one start feeling better about this? I don't want this affecting my baby.. What can I do.. Sorry so long I just needed to vent.. 😢😢😢 it hurts so much