Diarrhea, tmi question

I'm 9 weeks 1 day pregnant. For the last (almost) week or so, I've had very loose diarrhea for every BM. Basically once per day or two since Friday. I'm not sure if I have a stomach bug, or if it's pregnancy related? I've had no bleeding anything, no fever or other flu symptoms. Just this loose stool. I don't remember this in my last pregnancy, but I know every pregnancy can be different. Can someone tell me if it's normal? My doctor's office isn't open yet for me to call. I will call when I can. It's tough to be on the phone with the doctor and talk about these things when I'm at work (I sit in a quiet cubicle with a bunch of men around me, no where private to go).  Please help! The intestinal pressure/cramping is getting tough to deal with every day.