My SO and I have been ttc for a few months and this month we thought it would be our month and that I would get my BFP but I ended up getting AF a day late instead he's at the point of wanting to give up and I'm at the point of depression. He already has a kid but he's never met her due to the fact that the mother would not let him he didn't even know she was pregnant until she left for the military. We've known each other for almost 10 years (we're both 25) and he wants to start a family of his own every month for the past few months he's been getting his hopes up and we keep getting disappointed. Idk what to do this is something we both want and I would love some advice. I told him this month that we're going to try preseed hopefully it works. 
P.S His daughter is 3 so that happened a while back before his brother was killed. That's y the bm doesn't want him to see her bc the brothers wife is her cousin and someone the wife knows killed his brother ( we believe its bc he wanted a divorce) so his family and her family do not see eye to eye.