Mom to be, Full time student, Single, No support system

Shamone • FTM |🎀👑👶 011817
I am a little bummed out. This my second time trying to go to school and now I'm facing the fact that I may have to discontinue it again.. In approx 3 1/2 months I will be giving birth to my baby. My current job will not work around my school schedule so I had to cut my hours to sacrifice to go to classes full time. Ever since my finances are downhill. I am barely making enough money at my current job to fully support myself without help. On top of that they don't offer paid maternity leave so I'll be without income for a whole six weeks. I find myself never have enough money left over after paying my bills for food or gas and having to borrow cash. I hate this. It makes me feel as if it'll only get tighter once my daughter arrives. So now I'm facing having to leave my job and withdraw from school so i can have more money and hours at work. I just want to be able to take care of my daughter without worrying how we're going to get to point A to point B. Any words of encouragement or anyone else having financial hardships? How do you overcome it?