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Not sure what's going on with my body (PCOS). On Monday I decided to take a test and I got ➕. So on Tuesday I took another (clear blue) saying I'm pregnant 1-2wks. Today I woke up spotting. So I tried to schedule an appt with my Dr but they can't see me till Monday. So I went to another clinic. According to LMP I'm 10 wks 4 days. But at the clinic we retested and it was faint line. So she did ultrasound. She didn't see a sac or a heart beat. But she seen something twice. She measured both pics ones says 6 wks 4 days other said 9 wks 3 days. She wasn't to sure but she said it might be a miscarriage. So confused, upset every emotion is running through my body right now. Did I test to early ? Should I just let nature take its course. I really hoping and praying. That I went to early. It's just so hard to tell with me having PCOS.. UGH sigh. ..... God bless