Leah • Mommy to Hudson💙 May 3rd, 2017💙
So I was unable to sleep last night due to stomachache/ pain and was up at 6 in the morning throwing up. At that time I also had a bowel movement and had a lot of mucus in it. It happened again a few hours later, so I called my doctor because I was concerned. They never called me back and I have been getting worse as the day went on. At around 4 this afternoon I started to get a headache which is a full out migraine at this point. I can't keep anything down and I had a small amount of ice cream earlier (I know probably not the best idea) and it seems like it has curdled in my stomach or something. Everytime I get sick my headache gets worse and nothing seems to be helping😭 my doctor has me taking an anti-vomiting medication because my morning sickness has been so bad, but I took one a few hours ago and it hasn't helped. I really just need some advice on what could be causing this and what to do to make it stop😭😭😭