Is my boyfriend trying to start a family with me now, even though we said later?

I think my boyfriend wants me to have his child soon. We both talk in general about always wanting to have kids of our own, being married and starting a family one day. But we argue a lot most of the time so we dont directly plan on it right now. Though, I can't help but feel he is low key trying to plant a seed in me now.. We don't use protection and he c*** in me, he always makes little statements when we argue like "You need to let me be the man in this relationship. If we have kids together and have a family, I'm the man and I would have to protect y'all." But we both agreed that us talking about a family right now is not what we need to do cause of the relationship problems we're trying to work through, so why point that out in a argument. I strongly support we shouldn't focus on that, but like I said for some one who seems to feel the same way sure is trying to work on building together right now and fast. He's trying to help me get back on track after I lost a good job months ago I have a new job but he said if things were going right between us I wouldn't have to work. When I said I want to change my career choice from a massage therapist to something to better fit my future plans of being pregnant he got mad. I told him I'll miss out on clients and money because I'd have to take off time and miss money I have to go for something I can do while pregnant. He said, why are worried about having to take time off and missing money when your going to be taken care of while your withchild. He even offered for me to move out my moms and in with him. He always wants us to take my niece to go do something fun together and when we have her its like she's our kid. In so many ways it just seems like he's ready and wants it now but is not directly saying it because of the problems we have. But if we love each other why can't he just be honest and say he's ready instead of him getting me prego "accidentally". I always tell him make sure you pull out and he says OK but doesn't most of the time.. I just don't know what to think. A man who is not trying to have a child with someone will not keep being risky like that.