It's been a long journey...and now in need of a break


Me and my husband have been ttc for now 19months had a mc in may 28,2016 this was my first mc and I took it really hard I'm going thru depression since then I was 16 weeks pregnant we were so exited that we bought a few things and every night I go thru does things and cry and ask myself why did we loose our angel?! Today we decided to move his things downstairs to the basement so I won't go thru this every night ... i dont know if it was a good idea because I don't want our angel to think we're just taking it downstairs and forget that he ever existed...This ttc has taken over our life's I can't do this anymore I just want to be how I was before this happened to us...the more I try to get out this depression the more i dig myself into a deeper one....

Every month is worst and worst....I've decided to take a break from ttc...I need to get myself together again before I try and ttc again...Good luck everyone...and hopefully when I come back its because I have good news😢