Flu Vaccine and Miscarriage

Hello. I just went thru one of the most scariest, traumatizing, and saddest events in my 29 years of life.  I miscarried. 
At 6 weeks 5 days (we knew of this date because of previous scans) I received an early scan to confirm cardiac activity and pinpoint a due date. Unfortunately, that day is the day that I would learn that my baby isn't "viable".
 Mind you my baby measured exactly 6weeks 5days (which to me means her life ended on that day). I left the doctor's office that day and promised myself that I would give my baby a chance and not jump the gun. A week and a half later I returned to receive another scan to confirm. My baby still measured 6 weeks 5 days. I was heartbroken. 
I've researched, and yes I know more than 99% of miscarriages are due to chromosome irregularities, but there's a lot of discussion concerning flu vaccinations and miscarriages.
I received the flu vaccine at 6weeks 4days. Everyone told me it was safe and insisted that I get it. Being that I work in a hospital I obliged thinking this has to be the safest thing. 
Has anyone else experienced a miscarriage soon after receiving the flu vaccine?
I'm not looking to blame anyone I just simply would like to know.