Sexy? Not really.

I'm 7 months now and went shopping for some jeans. My birthday is in a couple of weeks and I want a cute pair to wear that night that aren't maternity. So I bought a maternity band and went looking for some cute jeans I can wear. (Unbuttoned of course). Pre-pregnancy I wasn't all that small to begin with, I was at a size 16/18. So today I found a cute pair of jeans , only they were a size 22. I thought "no way they're going to fit". Wrong! They fit quite nicely and I even was almost able to button them up. I know I'm 7 months pregnant and of course I've gone up in jean size, but I still can't help but not feel sexy buying a size 22 jeans. Not that women who wear size 22 aren't beautiful, I just don't feel attractive. I heard pregnancy is the time you're supposed to feel your most beautiful and I don't feel so amazing right now. I know my husband finds me attractive either way and my body is creating amazing life. But ladies, it's okay to feel like this a bit, right?