Failed induction

Went in to be induced at 39 weeks because of GD. They tried cervadil since my cervix wasn't dialated or soft. Cervadil made baby too active and caused too many contractions, so they took it out after only four hours. The attempted a cook balloon but couldn't insert it into my cervix because it wasn't dialated. Started pitocin and was on it for over 12 hours at 24 units which was the max. Pitocin did cause some painful contractions but there was no change in my cervix. They gave me the option of getting an epidural and forcing the balloon in there to see if it will dilate me or waiting a few days since my due date isn't until Monday to see if I make any progress at home on my own. I feel so helpless and frustrated. My cervix is so sore from the contractions and checks. My cervix was up really high and has scar tissue from previous leep surgery. So everytime someone checked, it became more aggravated. I never was on any pain meds because i was waiting for it to be worse and didnt want to stall labor. I feel like I went through all that for nothing and am a failure! I just want him to be here on his own time! Also my husband hated the hospital and refuses to go back to that one, so now I have to ask doctor what our hospital options are. I am happy they gave me the option of waiting instead of unnecessary interventions or csection. Any one else have any experience with induction or one that failed?