Anybody else extra bitchy

I posted several times via social media for ppl to send me their address if they wanted an invite to my shower... I made a event page on Facebook got 100's of replies saying they wanted to attend I posted in the event send me your address for an invite.... 96 ppl sent their address with the exception of a few while in conversation I'd say don't forget to send me your address... I started this early September and posted it numerous times... Today people started receiving them as I had sent them out Monday/Tuesday... My invitations are super cute so likely people are gushing about them. WHY ARE THE SAME PEOPLE who didn't send addresses the same ones asking where's there's or sending me addresses now... Those damn invites cost $2 a sheet to print out at office max then I had to buy envelopes and mailing stamps...THEY MISSED OUT...don't start sending me your addres now I'm not sending anymore out . 😑 i might text them if I feel like it.