work vent

I'm almost 8 months along and working retail management. The work itself doesn't bother me since I'm part time and it's a small store. What does bother me is the constant nagging. I meet all my goals as a manager and do what in expected to do. I've upped my water intake lately to make sure I'm drinking enough and in turn I pee a lot. Today another manager commented on it saying I was going to the bathroom too much 😑 and it was affecting her work. I told her she won't have to deal with it in 6 weeks and for now I'm going to the bathroom when I have to. She didn't respond and just walked away. This isn't the first time I've gotten comments about going to the bathroom. Like what am I supposed to? It's not like I'm in there past 4/5 minutes if that. 
Then my supervisor got mad because I requested a short shift for Black Friday because I have a doctors appointment that day (I schedule them way in advance so it doesn't interfere with work schedule). At this point I'm doing weekly visits and we always do Friday. 1st off I'll be a couple weeks away from my due date at that point and may not be able to work at all. And secondly I didn't say I couldn't work. My body and health is more important to me than somebody's vacation. 
I might just be being "hormonal" idk. But I'm so irritated w my job right now. I'm thinking I'm just gonna resign completely instead of going on maternity leave. I've been extremely flexible up until this point and I've literally NEVER missed a day of work. I just feel like they should be a little more understanding considering I'm 8 months pregnant! I'm not asking for anything crazy or irrational. I was so ready to walk out today but I'm not that much of an asshole.