First round of Clomid

Rachel • 28. Married. SAHM. 🌈Twins Mark and James 9/18/17🌈
Can someone please give me some information about when to have sex on Clomid? I'm not trying to doubt my doctor but it was her assistant that explained the process to me and it doesn't sound right at all.. she told me to use the medication cycle days 5-9 and then on day 21 they will draw my blood and if I have ovulated THEN we start having sex every other day... but it seems it would be too late after 21 days?! 
When I questioned her because everything I have read online says track ovulation days 10-17 and have sex every other day during that time.. she told me the best time to conceive is 7 days after ovulation.. please clue me in to what has worked for you. 
I've stocked up on OPK's and am ready to BD no matter what day of the cycle it is 😋 Praying for a miracle here and wishing babydust to all of you lovelies as well!!