love? no thanks.

So I broke up with my ex last December and started hanging out with this guy, and I made it very clear that I only wanted friends with benefits, I was not ready for any type of emotional connection, he agreed and everything was fine we were chilling having amazing sex and getting to know each other I was also feeling comfortable talking to his as a friend I confided in him for a while, as we started hanging out more he kind of made it seem like he was starting to care for me a lot but I still wasn't ready for that. He never said about having feelings but it was kind of clear, then we went about 2 weeks without talking and when we started talking again he was saying how he has been helping a friend and that's why he hasn't been talking to me... Ok understandable. Then he asked me over messaging if I loved him... I can't say I love him but I did start to get attached a little bit and I really enjoyed his company and comfort, I ended up seeing something on Instagram that cought my attention, so I asked him about it and long story short, the friend he was helping was a girl which is no problem, except she had moved in because she got kicked out... Ok I can see you helping her out but why couldn't you talk to me? So now it's been weeks after that and they've been dating and I was left in the dust again. I don't know what to feel or what to think I'm just so sick of being treated like I can be dropped and like me and my feelings don't matter 😞