induction Rant šŸ™„

Came in today for an induction only to be told that the hospital is no longer letting my doctors give me pitocin and forcing me to have a c section or go home and go in labor on my own when I'm already 41+4 knowing that I would just have to come back and get one on Monday since I'll be 42weeks šŸ˜ž I'm upset and really wanted a vbac but it happens! Then they tell me they. will do it at 2pm but come back in and say I can't get one till 8pm because they told me I could order food when I got here, but before the food got to me they changed their mind and said I couldn't eat it! They still delivered the food but it just sat there until the doctor finally removed it but theysaid since the tray was still in the room and they don't know if I ate any after I told them I didn't and all the food was still on the tray untouched that I have to wait 8 hrs before they allow me to have a c section! Ugh I'm so irritated now! I'm hungry, and haven't ate since midnight! Now I'm regretting not taking a bite of the food since I'm still being forced to wait šŸ˜” and on top of l that I'm just finding out my previous doctors from my previous pregnancy left out a lot of information about the night I gave birth to my son, and I was given stuff during the process that I never consented to or was aware of šŸ˜” which all this could have been avoided if I had known all of this! .... sorry for the rant but I'll update you again when baby comes