Relationship advice

Alissa Marie
I don't know what to do! My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost a month now (09-18-16). I'm 17 (18 in january) and he is 22. Long story short, my mom doesn't want me to date or talk to boys at all. So when she found out that my bf and I were dating, she completely lost her shit and was pissed off. She was so mad and was like "since when is it okay for you to talk to boys?!" I'm not sure what to do. I am a Muay Thai boxer and am doing really good in school so I feel that I should be able to treat myself and get a bf. It infuriates me that my brother (who is now 25 with 3 kids) got to date girls when he was like 13. And just because I'm a girl, I can't. I understand that there is always the risk of me getting pregnant but it's not like my bf and I are going to be having sex. How should I talk to my mom about being in a relationship with him?