Wondfo VS Internet Cheapy

Aftet my miscarriage in January I decided to start using opks at first to be able to know when to expect my first period back after my loss. I purchased and off brand pack of opks on amazon and never got a clear positive but did BD one night when the test had been dark and CLOSE to positive and got pregnant again but it was ectopic. Since then i used opks daily and still never got a very clear positive the test line always got dark but never as dark as the control line i wondered if i wasnt ovulating but i knew i had gotten pregnant without the clear positive before so assumed i was just not testinf at the right times ( i was testing twice a day) this month is my 6th month back ttc and i decided to order the Wondfo brand instead of the ones i had left over from last month, Healthywiser. I got my clear positive opk for the first time ever this month and out of curiosity i took a second test using the same urine at the same time and did one Wondfo and one Healthywiser and the Healthywiser was dark but not positive!!! I wanted to share this bc I am now thinking that maybe i wasnt getting pregnant all this time bc my timing was off bc i kept waiting for the test to get darker and perhaps was missing my ovulation all together! Im sharing the picture for you all to see just bc I'd like to help anyone else having the same issue. The blue test is the Wondfo.