My horrible induction experience

First time mom and I would never ever get an induction ever again. My induction failed on me I was in the hospital September 30th Friday night I was 39 weeks pregnant and wasn't dilated at all, so they started putting some kind of string in my cervix to soft it up, took 12 hours before they pull the string out, when they pull it out I was only finger tips dilated, so they try to inserted a Ballon or some kind of ball in my cervix at that time my contraction hurt so bad I ask for an epidural it felt so much better. So it took another 8 hours for that ball to come out and I was 4cm dilated , then the next thing I notice 2 pop pop my water break, I was so happy thought that mean it's working they give me more drugs to make my contraction stronger, every 3 to 4 hours went by they checked my cervix still at 4cm I'm starting having a fever and my baby heart beat went up to 170 to close to 200, they treated me with more IV and medications to calm my fever down, i was shaking so bad cause I felt so cold, but my temper was really high, so they was able to calm my fever down and my baby heart beats went down to 150 to 160 at that point I'm just so exhausted I don't even know what day it was, time went by my fever came back baby heart beats went sky high again same thing they try to calm my fever down, i ask them my water been breaking for awhile i think it's best to give me a c section, the doctor talk to me say that they really want me to give vaginaly, they tell me that me and the baby already have infection and they need to treated me and the baby antibiotics, I'm just so piss off and cry they say I wouldn't like to do a c section when we r having infection, witch is harder for my c section to heal and harder to stop the bleeding, so ok it's now Sunday night my water have been breaking for 15 hours, and im still at 4cm my fever came back again, then the doctor tell me ok we really have to do a c section, omg 4 real we wasted so much time and now they agree on doing a c section, so they wheeled me in and getting everything prepared for it, they numb so I would feel anything but I'm still shaking really bad because of my fever and just so cold, everything went so fast they went and brought my husband in and start cutting me, with the blue covering it so we can't see anything thing, I'm just laying there and keep on praying please let me hear my baby cry, this is my rainbow baby if you guys didn't know, I have lost 2 late pregnancy before, so I just want to hear my baby cry, then I realized they numb me so much that it went up to my neck, I'm starting having trouble breathing it felt like, then the doctor say baby time! Next thing I notice my baby cry they only show him to us for like 1min me and my husband was so happy that we both were crying, we waited for this moment for a very long time, then I started to vomit during hard time breathing from the numbness to my throat, i felt so suffocated, thank God it's over and they r sewing me up, they took my baby to the nicu for treatment and lots of blood work and antibiotics, so they r done with me and wheeled me in a room, every 15 min they have to press on my belly trying to get all the blood n get anything in my uterus out, it's hurt really bad, I was so beat up i didn't get to go to the nicu to see my baby untill the next day, but my husband and family members get to see him in the nicu, we were both in the hospital getting treatment for our infection, we both stay in the hospital about 1 weeks, it's sad that he's in the nicu and I'm on the 3rd floor, it's was really hard, my husband help me on the wheelchair and push me down the nicu to see him, my son was so beautiful but it's really sad to see him having iv on him and lots of blood work n shot. He's in so much pain it's really heart breaking, but anyway we both r now home and doing fine, he is our joy of our life, it's just my luck having a hard labor