Am I wrong?

Holly • Met 10/3/01 married on 5/27/06 fur baby was born 12/19/06 fur baby went to heaven on 2/22/19 and we're going to TTC#1
So I posted this on facebook and now my hubby so so mad at me and yelling at me that I lied to other people cause they didn't read the whole thing. Now he wants me to say I'm sorry I lied and I was wrong. This what I saw and posted this because I want a baby soooo bad and now I'm crying. What do you think was I wrong posting this? 
Well IT'S OFFICIAL!!!!! I have some AMAZING but at the same time shocking news! I'M EXPECTING!!!!! A little under 9 weeks and counting! I know, I'm shocked too. I can hardly believe it myself. I wasn't going to post it (on Facebook) but since y'all are my family and friends, I wanted to make it official. I'm too overwhelmed to keep it a secret!!! Who would have guessed that me of all people would be expecting again!! But I am!! I am expecting Santa in just 9 weeks!Repost if you have a sense of humor. Lets see how many people read the whole status. That's why it's good to read the whole story before you go run & gossip!!!

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