FTM Birth Story (Induction)

Our baby girl was born via induction on October 14, 2016 at 36+5. Less than 24 hours from start to baby, 9 hours of labor and less than 10 minutes of pushing. 
My wife and I went to L&D on October 13 after having high blood pressure readings and an abnormal 24-hour protein to be induced. They inserted cervidil around 11:30 pm that night (wife was 1cm and 50% effaced). We got hardly any sleep that night as baby girl kept coming off the monitor! The cervidil was removed at 11:30 am the next day and she was checked again before starting pitocin. The cervidil had gotten her one more centimeter along and 30% more effaced. 
As the midwife was checking her around 12:45, the amniotic sac spontaneously ruptured, pretty much throwing her into immediately active labor. She went from 2cm to 5-6cm within four hours (they had also started pitocin), but got the epidural around 4:45. She was feeling pressure at times, but no pain. 
At 7:30 she started feeling lots of pressure and called the nurse in to be checked. She was 10 and fully effaced and at a +1 station! They sat her up a bit, hoping that the baby would drop more on her own, but she kept coming off the monitor. Once the midwife came in, she said it was time to get that baby out because she wasn't having fun anymore. My beast of a wife pushed our girl out in three contractions, nine pushes at 8:47pm. She has a second degree tear and slight pain at the epidural site, but is feeling great so far!
Baby Ava Rose passed all of her tests, is keeping her blood sugar and temperature stable, and is the sweetest girl EVER! Five pounds, eight ounces, nineteen inches of pure sugar!! I am so proud of my wife and our baby girl. I cannot imagine loving anything more than either of them.