Hm, okay. I've had weed before, 9 times to be exact. My parents are against it, but my mum was saying to me the other day that she would go to amsterdam with my dad to smoke it there (which makes no sense as they're 'against it') but my dad said no, definately not.. i was asking my mum saying why is she bothered about me having it if she wants to have it, she said when im an adult i can do what i want, alls she can do is advise me, an she said shes telling me not to do it now because i am a 'child' (young teen)... anyways my dad used to smoke it for 6 years, but quit for my well-being. My parents obviously dont know about the times i've tried it. They've told me stories about the times they've had it, (mum's only had it 3 times (max) an then didnt like it, but she'd want to try it again). I like having weed, it calms me, it's good when you want to have a laugh with your friends, also, it tells funny stories aferwards, the last time i had weed which was about 2 months ago, i blacked out an i was nearly crying, (it was horrible) do i continue having it? Or will it be worse the next time i have it? Should i go against my parents?.... I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO