mil venting πŸ™„

So for the first 8 weeks of my pregnancy I was having pretty bad cramping, alllll day and night nausea, exhaustion and not to mention a sinus infection that I wasn't allowed to take medications for.Β 
I'm now 10w1d and my MIL made a comment yesterday about how she thought all my symptoms were in my head and I should just be grateful I'm pregnant.Β 
She invited us over for dinner a few weeks ago and I got a cramp so I'm laying down with a bucket and trying to get it to pass and my husbands sitting there helping me and the cramps got so bad I would get all upset crying and end up making myself throw up. She sat there rolling her eyes and whispering to my sister in law.Β 
Then I find out she tells my husband that most women enjoy being pregnant and that I'm just being a baby.
Like hello... Not everyone enjoys being pregnant and just because I don't like being pregnant doesn't mean I am not thankful I'm pregnant. We tried for over a year and I am extremely upset that I don't like being pregnant as it is. Maybe don't rub it in?Β 
My husband obviously let her have it and I've given up trying to convince anyone that my symptoms are not "in my head". It's like everyone in his family thinks I'm out of my mind for not loving every second of this. Sorry but noβœ‹πŸ» just because his entire family worked every day allll day up until the day they gave birth including through part of their labor and they just loved being pregnant so much doesn't mean the rest of the world does.
Side note-
Oh and the doctor told us we have to consider a c-section because my husband is an above average size guy and I'm 6'0" so our baby's growth is already almost double what it should be. And I told her that (mistakenly) and she's like "oh you don't want that! You don't want to have a scar and be cut open and then nobody but Sam can be in there" uh yeah he's the only one who's gonna be in there regardless, I don't need the entire county in there either way. I'm so over the pushy comments and snide remarks being made. His entire family (and I mean even up to grandparents) are like this with everything so I prepared myself but I'm ready to lose my mind.Β