My baby is hurt /:

shawn • I love traveling. Mommy of a 3 year old girl.
So I've noticed my baby limping for a few days nothing to bad, but today it's way more noticeable. We check her elbow, upper arm, shoulder and the low part of her arm, it direct bother her for us to touch those spots but when we touched her paw she doesn't like that and pulls it away. We assume that she just landed wrong and hurt it. It's there anything I can do to help her with the pain? She doesn't put her whole weight on it when she's walking like it hurt to straighten it all the way. And it looks a little more swollen compared to her other paw. The best I could get with pictures. It's the paw that has more tan than the dark brown. Please any advice is welcomed. I don't want my baby hurting /: