she's here 😍😍😍💞💞💞

Rachel • Aussie :) I'm 31, he's 35, our son will be 4 in Feb, daughter born Oct 2016
We gender swayed for a girl & we got her :D
She's perfect 😍 I'm so in love.
Was induced today after speaking with my OB who will be away next week (due date was Monday (it's WED in Australia)).
Gel applied 8am, epidural around 1:30pm due to the gas making me feel extremely dizzy and nauseous (and I wanted a clear head for pushing), hurry up contractions drug at around 230pm. Pushing at 5:15pm, second degree tear & born at 5:31pm!! 7lb8oz (much better than her bro at 8lbs14oz!!)
Can't stop staring 💞💞💞 and her big brother was very very excited, but didn't want to hold her too long because of the "ick" on her lol
When she came out BF said "she doesn't look like the name we chose" so we went with Olivia Jill 💘
Few more pics in the daytime from today, clean & fed, & a comparison pic of our son Flynn (left) as a newborn & Olivia :)
💞💞💞💞 my heart feels so full of love!!