Was I Being Racist?

My best friend is Mexican. She always says she wished her parents knew how to speak spanish so they can teach her, and how she wished they could celebrate traditional Latin/Mexican (kindly correct me and tell me the correct term please!) festivities. I told her next yr for The Day Of The Dead, I was going to take her to Texas to her grandma's grave so we could share our respect and make an offering. She really wanted to do this but her parents said they Don't really like or care to celebrate these things. At school my best friend talks to 3 latina girls, and told them that this was the nicest thing anyone has ever planned for her and they said it was racist because I wasn't apart of the Latin community. I love learning about other cultures and learning how they do things. So what I'm black and Asian... I did this because I love all races and heritages and because this mean so much to my best friend....

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