baby is almost one week old and I feel like I'm going crazy via sleep deprivation. I started having contractions last Tuesday night around 11pm, made it to the hospital at 3am and my water broke, labored all day long on Wednesday and finally Thursday morning at 1am I gave birth. Mind you, I didn't sleep at all during any part of this process. Never slept more than 2 hours at night at the hospital due to people coming in and out constantly. Night one at home drove me near crazy because of how bad my whole entire body hurt and how much baby wanted to feed (poor nipples!!). It's only been a week so we still don't have too much of a set schedule but I've gotten the hang of feeding every 2 hours during the day and the night time is still all over the place. I started pumping three days ago and have about 7 oz stored in the fridge right now. My boyfriend & I have been doing some reading on bottle feeding and pacifiers and we stumbled upon the term nipple confusion and that freaked my boyfriend out and he's super put off by anything to do with the two. Actually told me to dump out the milk I've stored because he doesn't think bottle feeding is a good idea. I just think that a bottle here and there would help my body have a break pain-wise and sleep-wise. I obviously want to hear out what he has to say and I respect his ideas on this topic but my nipples are damn near falling off and I'm so tired I will probably dream of bottle feeding tonight. I guess I just need to vent because I'm really frustrated... oh first time mommy woes 😴