any help or advice will be appreciated! 😊

Hello to all of you wonderful ladies on Glow!
I've read so many of your experiences and I hope that you can spare a few minutes to perhaps shed some light or wisdom to my situation.
I am technically single, my partner and I broke up after I knew I was pregnant and after I conceived. I personally blame him and his "close knit" family for bringing us to this point (which is another story in itself- so please reserve judgments on this because it has many levels). To date however, he has made it openly known to his side of the fam that he still loves me. 
Besides that, right now I see that I'm not married, I am living with my parents while I rebuild my career and get my studies finished and save money again (finally). 
Yet here this amazing little blessing has happened, which for something so unplanned does make me feel very grateful. But I do understand the impact having a baby can have in your life. All I know is that I have copious and unconditional amounts of love, care and teaching to give.
My ex and I have been talking a lot about this. Despite the rollercoaster we have experienced he is a good man and he won't abandon me in this, and doesn't want me to consider abortion. 
But I just don't know if it's wrong or right to feel that this pregnancy should have been more joyous and exciting? And the circumstances should have been so different. I don't feel that any of my fam will judge me, I know they won't, they'll always support me and have my back.
If anyone has a similar story to share or any thoughts, or just kind words, it would help me so much. 
Thank you xx ❤️