Quiet baby, 25wks

Have you had a quiet baby in utero, that didn't move a lot or make strong movements, but was always found at checks to be well & healthy? Just quiet?
Compared to other pregnant women at 25 weeks, my baby's movements are less frequent & more subtle. He doesn't really kick. Just wiggles a little. I can have 2 days where I don't feel him. My fiancé hasn't felt him at all.
He's been checked again today & measures fine & heartbeat looks fine; I'm getting a functional scan next week to check placenta, blood flow etc for peace of mind. But dr has said some babies are just quiet.
If you've had this, how did you monitor movement from 28 weeks? What was your baby like once born? Active? Energetic? Easy? Did their personality match their womb behaviour? I.e. laid back.